Construction resumes at PTSportsPRO

After 5 months of delay in construction, we are back at it! The floor was not level by about 9 to 11 inches from highest to lowest points, which made it a nightmare to install the large amount of glass & framing. Thanks to some creative engineering strategies by Rockford Construction, the floors have been […]

A blank canvas – a vision unfolds at PTSportsPRO!

IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES: Who does not like a sneak peek video! So many exciting things to come! Can’t wait to share more as we edge closer to opening day. A partnership with VIA Developments & Rockford Construction.

PTSportsPRO Launches

BREAKING NEWS: We are pleased to announce the official launch of PTSportsPRO, PLLC, by Owner/CEO Terence Reuben, PT (Physical Therapist/Sports Rehabilitation). With over 30 years of experience in serving athletes, opening outpatient rehabilitation practices & developing sports specific programs for our communities, Terence brings with him a clear vision to create a sports & wellness […]