Construction resumes at PTSportsPRO

After 5 months of delay in construction, we are back at it! The floor was not level by about 9 to 11 inches from highest to lowest points, which made it a nightmare to install the large amount of glass & framing. Thanks to some creative engineering strategies by Rockford Construction, the floors have been methodically leveled to accommodate the $100k worth of frameless glass walls. All wall framing with electrical & phone drops are in place for review tomorrow. The space should be completely insulated and drywalled within a week. Then it’s ceilings, floors, glass, paint and final finishes.

Our relentless pursuit to build a best in class facility remains uncompromised. Out goal to TREAT YOU LIKE A PRO starts with building a PRO facility! We remain confident for a Spring opening! Stay tuned for further updates!

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