Event Coverage

Medical COVERAGE SERVICES for Events

When it comes to providing medical services at your event, we know a thing or two about how to provide EXCELLENT care. After all, we have been doing this in our community for over 25 years and have the combined experience of over 75 years at our practice. We also are blessed to employ a staff of athletes who truly embrace the “athletes serving athletes” mentality.

We have split our coverage services into 2 main service lines:

  • BASIC MEDICAL/FIRST AID SERVICES: We provide all the sideline coverage and emergency medical care you can think of for your event and then some. Services include basic taping and wound care. We also have emergency medical supplies to help manage pain, glucose to manage dips in blood sugar, electrolytes for sodium deficiencies/cramping muscles, antacids for upset stomach issues, antihistamines for allergic reactions, epipens to manage life-threatening allergic reactions, inhalers to manage exercise-induced breathing issues, mylar blankets to warm you up/manage drops in body temperature, and event AED's to help those experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. When hired to provide emergency medical care, we also provide post-race massage & stretch services, but give priority to the more emergent cases.
  • Services are provided by expert clinicians (physicians, therapists, nurses, athletic trainers) who are BLS & AED certified and are experienced in providing the above emergency medical services seamlessly.


  • POST-RACE MASSAGE & STRETCH SERVICES: When you don't need emergency medical care but just some relief from tight sore muscles, stop by our tent for a 5 to 10-minute massage and stretch service. With a focus of care on where it hurts, we have offered relief to 100's of athletes and staff alike, as we uphold our motto of TREATING YOU LIKE A PRO.
  • Services are provided by licensed or certified therapists we are skilled in manual & massage therapy.


Our goal for excellent care is multi-factorial and driven by the following principles:


    Designed to meet/exceed the needs of the race, the course, the disciplines & the athletes.


    Each of our teams are staffed by at least a physical therapist, athletic trainer, registered nurse and/or physician who has experience in event coverage.


    We recruit many clinical volunteers to work alongside us to allow us to provide care at many of our bigger events.


    We provide training videos & manuals to all our coverage staff to ensure consistent credible care is provided.


    Our medical kits are designed to carry all our medical supplies that would provide the appropriate care for an athlete to either continue participation, or to be stabilized enough to leave on their own strength or with help of family or friends or be stabilized until transportation to ER can be made.


    We are already recognized by our brilliant pink branded LANDROVER DEFENDER 110s Trek Edition (made possible by SHARPE Cars), and our branded tents & gear on course. The brand & colors were specifically chosen so athletes can identify the locations of our medical tents from a distance away. When possible, we mark our location on the official course maps so athletes can know where to find us. Also, when possible, we publish our list of medical supplies & services of the event page so athletes can know what products we have and what services they can receive at our medical tents.


We are pleased to have the following CLINICAL EXPERTS lead these services:

  • Terence Reuben, PT, Director of Medical Operations
  • Matthew Jackson, DO, Medical Director
  • David DaPrato, PT, Director of Medical Equipment
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In order to provide consistent, comprehensive clinical care, we charge a NOMINAL HOURLY RATE FOR OUR SERVICES based on the number of staff utilized and the number of hours covered. This allows us to adequately compensate our staff for their time and clinical expertise. To find out how your race can benefit from our services, please reach out to us using our CONTACT FORM.